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Athena Fade (5gal)

Athena Fade (5gal)

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Fade is a nitrogen-free finishing flush that provides your plants with the immobile nutrients they need (calcium and microelements) to ensure they don't starve during the critical ripening stage.

Excess nitrogen is known to delay flower maturation and it's important to taper or even remove nitrogen at the end of the flowering cycle to encourage crop maturation and enhance flower quality.

After extensive testing, we've found that running Fade with Pro Bloom during the last 3 weeks of flower increased total cannabinoid and terpene production without increasing the risk of deficiencies and bud rot.

Nitrogen-free finishing enhancer
Contains optimal levels of calcium and microelements for finish
Same liquid dilution rate as Pro Core (at 2 lbs per gallon concentrate)
Replace Pro Core during the final 3 weeks of flower

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