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The Amazing Dr Zymes-32 fl oz

The Amazing Dr Zymes-32 fl oz

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The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator is a revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates soft bodied insects, molds and mildews on your indoor or outdoor gardens. Eliminator is a proprietary formula, hand crafted to ensure quality control. Professional Growers use it all year to ensure pest free, mildew free plants. Many of them have told us that they realized an increase in yields by not having to combat pests and mildews with toxic or oil based products and that as a preventative they did not see any pests or mildews even up to the day of harvest.

Eliminator will not clog the stomata. This can produce an increase in yields. Most pest control products can set you back 2 weeks from stress or never give your plants a chance to breath and take in CO2 and sunshine at optimum levels.

Eliminator is OMRI listed which means that it is approved for Organic Gardening practices. This was a long process to ensure that all of our ingredients have been verified and approved.

Eliminator is made in handcrafted batches to ensure quality control. One of our customers that has an online Retail store told us that "Eliminator is #1 in customer satisfaction of all their products they offer online".

Eliminator is comprised of organic materials combined with other biologically stimulating ingredients. Our citric acid is derived from a fermentation process. This is the only method OMRI recognizes in order to be OMRI listed. Our proprietary formula is bacteria-free and all ingredients are food grade. These ingredients combined together form a highly effective insecticide and fungicide.

Eliminator works by disrupting the insects' ability to breathe. The acid derived from our proprietary formula breaks down protein and organic matter such as eggs and insect droppings. It is a highly effective deterrent as well.

Eliminator works on mildews and molds by the citric acid digesting the biomass and changing the pH to create a hostile environment so that mildews and molds cannot take hold.

Eliminator can be used as a soil drench to combat fungus gnats, soil borne pests, molds and mildews. It is highly effective and safe when used as directed.

Use Eliminator year round for a pest free, mildew free garden. When used as a preventative, it will prevent infestations from taking over your garden. Make sure you follow our recommendations for optimum pest and fungal control as pH is a crucial factor for success as well as water temperature.

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